Talks that I’ve given. A total mix of particle physics and software development.

2023-04-05 Test-driven development (in python). Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, London.
2021-01-07 The Belle II experiment. Epiphany XXVII, Krakow.
2020-06-11 Dark sectors and rare penguins. Imperial College HEP Seminar, London.
2020-04-01 Corroborating measurements. w/ Claudia Cornella Beyond the flavour anomalies, IP³ Durham.
2019-07-11 Dark sector physics with Belle II. EPS-HEP, Ghent.
2019-06-05 Dark matter searches at Belle II. Rencontres de Blois, Blois.
2019-02-13 High-level analysis software for the Belle II experiment. HSF Analysis Group, Virtual.
2018-10 Dark sector physics with photons at Belle II. The Puzzle of Dark Matter, Hamburg.
2018-09 Dark sector physics with photons at Belle II. Flavour and Dark Matter, Karlshrue.
2018-02 Lepton-flavour universality at Belle II. b→sll, Munich.
2017-08 Prospects for rare B decays at Belle II. APS-DPF, Fermilab.